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Race to Alaska: Combining Ancient Tradition and Adventure

Since before the beginning of written history, the inside passage to Alaska has been traversed by brave souls seeking adventure and a better future. During the Gold Rush era, the route was packed with steamboats headed to test their luck in the mines. Inspired by the spirit of adventure and optimism invoked by the journey in days past, the Race to Alaska was born.

The Race to Alaska is North America’s longest human and wind-powered race, and it begins in Port Townsend on June 13! Come support the brave souls that are participating in this unique event by attending the Race to Alaska “Ruckus” for a fun day of sailing, music, and delicious food on June 12.

Meet all of the teams that will be racing, and pick your favorite to win. There will be free tattoos on the premises (so long as you get the R2AK logo tattoo, that is)! It will definitely be a night to remember, so don’t miss it!

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