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Celebrate Pride in Port Townsend: A Day of Love, Unity, and Community

This year, the scenic city of Port Townsend, nestled on the picturesque Olympic Peninsula, becomes a vibrant canvas celebrating the LGBTQ+ community. Port Townsend Pride is not just an event; it’s a jubilant declaration of love, acceptance, and unity. Here’s everything you need to know about joining this colorful celebration to celebrate Pride in Port Townsend.

When and Where

Port Townsend Pride will take over the heart of the city, transforming local streets into a lively festival ground adorned with rainbow colors. The event is scheduled to take place in the warmth of summer on June 8th, offering not only a beautiful setting but also an inviting atmosphere for everyone who attends.

Here is the full schedule…

Event Schedule: 

11:00 – 11:15 – Opening Ceremony with Mayor David Faber, Jaiden Dokken Poet Laureate for Clallam County and Michael Lowe of the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe

11:15 – Boat Parade with performance by Chaotic Noise

11:35 – Ember Brightheart

11:45 – Tyranny

12:00 – True Reckoning

12:00 – House of Femme and Spoken Open in Cotton Building

1:00 – Katrina Duall and Friends Drag Show

2:00 – Chaotic Noise

2:45 – Awards Ceremony for Boat Parade

2:50 – Bobby 4 Bobby

3:15 – Chaotic Noise

3:50 – Closing ceremony

The Parade

No Pride celebration is complete without a parade, and Port Townsend’s rendition promises to be spectacular. Featuring an array of floats, community groups, and live music, the parade is a profound expression of the diverse identities within the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. The parade route will wind through the main thoroughfares, ending at a central location where the festivities will continue.

Activities and Entertainment

After the parade, the festival area will host a variety of activities suitable for all ages. Expect stages with live performances from local and regional artists who support and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. Drag shows, dance performances, and spoken word sessions are just a snippet of what’s on offer.

Art and craft stalls, food vendors offering local and international cuisine, and informational booths from LGBTQ+ organizations will line the streets, providing plenty of ways to support local artisans and learn more about LGBTQ+ resources.

Why It Matters

Port Townsend Pride isn’t just a party; it’s a pivotal event that highlights the ongoing struggles and triumphs of the LGBTQ+ community. It’s a place where stories are shared, friendships are forged, and the ongoing fight for equality is energized. More importantly, it provides a safe space for individuals to express their true selves without fear.

Join the Celebration

Whether you’re a member of the LGBTQ+ community, an ally, or just a curious visitor, Port Townsend Pride welcomes you with open arms. Come for the parade, stay for the entertainment, and leave with a heart full of pride and a renewed sense of community. This is more than just a festival; it’s a vibrant testament to love, equality, and the ongoing pursuit of acceptance for all.

Don’t miss out on this unforgettable celebration right in the heart of the Olympic Peninsula. Mark your calendars, bring your flags, and get ready to show your colors at Port Townsend Pride!

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